Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Challenges: part 3

This post is the 3rd part in a series: (part 1, part 2)

Challenge #7: Art can not only be abstract, it doesn't even have to have a referent in the real world at all.  It can just be geometric rhythms.
Piet Mondrian, Composition with Yellow Blue and Red, oil on canvas, 1939-1942, Tate Modern London

Challenge #8: And abstract art doesn't even have to be quiet so... geometric.  It can be wildly dynamic too.

The painter of this painting, Lee Krasner, was one of the most innovative artists of the Abstract Expressionist movement.  She tends to be overshadowed in art historical discourse by her husband, Jackson Pollock.
Lee Krasner, The Seasons, oil on canvas, 1957, Whitney Museum New York

Challenge #9: You know what, paint doesn't even have to be applied with a paintbrush for it to be art; it can be poured on.
Morris Lewis, Where, magna on canvas, 1960, Hirshhorn Museum Washington DC

to be continued...

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