Ask your Questions!

Use the comment box here to ask your questions about art and art history.  Any question about art history is welcome, and I look forward to the challenge of answering them the best I can.  Here is also the place to request topics for upcoming posts.

Some sample questions:

-What does expressionism mean?

-Leonardo da Vinci, I've heard of him.  What was his life like, and what should I notice when I see his art work?

-What the heck is that painting you are looking at in that photo on the right, and how can you possibly be interested in it?

-Why is modern art so confusing?

-How come I never seem to hear anything about African American painters?  Who were some important African American painters throughout history?

-I'm visiting Paris next month and I want to go to the Louvre.  What should I see when I'm there?

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  1. Compare and contrast the mosaics of St. Catherine, Sinai and San Vitale, Ravenna. What changes have been incorporated into San Vitale and why?